Beautiful stained glass images

Installing ecclesiastical stained glass windows

We can guide you through the process of choosing images and themes,designs, glass texture , glass colour, and lead sizes.We can advise on the right painting approaches and various methods of silver staining and enameling on glass that will be sympathetic to the subject matter.

Crafting ecclesiastical window designs

We can produce full size drawings for each dedication stained glass window and even cut-test sections for your consideration, advising you on the right design and approach for the placement of the window within the building. We can also offer in situ repairs of damaged pieces, removing and restoring them without removing the whole window itself.

Isothermal glazing

Introduced in Europe about 50 years ago, Isothermal glazing is aimed at separating the ancient glass from the damaging cycles of condensation by setting the ancient glass out of its original position, slightly inside the building.

A new external glazing scheme is fitted in the original position of the stained glass.The ancient glass is ventilated at the top and bottom of each light to allow the warmer internal air to circulate between the two layers. In an ideal situation a 'flue effect' is arrived at to promote the airflow. The warmer internal air in the interspace between also acts as a thermal buffer to protect ancient glass from cycles of condensation. The glass is also protected from the ravages of the weather.

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